Links for the Gathering 2013

Cape Cornwall Singers

Cape Cornwall Singers are ordinary people,  with ordinary lives,
who sing with passion of the enduring traditions and extraordinary beauty of our homeland.
Link here

Umha Aois Copper Smelters

“Umha Aois” (Irish for “Bronze Age”) is an ongoing experimental project organised on a volunteer basis by a committee formed of artists & archaeologists. Through research and experimentation we are attempting to rediscover our Bronze Age ancestors’ casting methods, and in the process empower the artists involved with unique approaches to working in bronze. Link here


Seven Kevins

Our first visit to Allihies was in 1983 when three of the band played and peformed with the Marquee Roadshow. By the late 80’s, The 7 Kevins were regular visitors to Allihies, in between their numerous and far reaching tours of Europe, spending many a memorable night at Mikey Joe’s (now sadly closed).
The band now reside in southern Andalucia and are currently working under the name Rrradio Gee.


Allihies connect the Gathering September 2013


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