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Southern Tenant Folk Union

Wed 13th November at Allihies Copper Mine Museum. Tickets available from the Office 027-73218 or Beara Action Group Office 027-70880

Southern Tenant Folk Union

A youtube video of the band on RTE the Late Late show earlier this year.

[youtube id=”9xzA99CG5Gw” mode=”normal” align=”left”]

southern tenant folk union

The Southern Tenant Folk Union (as previously seen on The Late Late) will be touring Ireland in November and will be appearing at Allihies Copper Mine Museum on Wednesday 13th November 2013 @8pm.

Their new album ‘Hello Cold Goodbye Sun’ is their fifth to be released since they formed in 2006 and contains a set of songs that build on some of the soundscape folk from the acclaimed 4th album Pencaitland as well as showcasing the growing songwriting, instrumental and vocal talent from within the band.

Artistically successful their albums have been praised in The Guardian, Independent, Sunday Times, Mojo, Uncut and Irish Times.  Often heard on national radio shows across UK and Eire they have also performed live in session on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4’s Loose Ends, BBC Ulster and RTE One national TV/radio.  Their live show is exciting, engaging and in their hands ‘bluegrass can effortlessly be blended with other genres – folk, roots, americana – to make a potent, timeless sound’.

Doors will open at 7.30.  Tickets are on sale from Allihies Copper Mine Museum @027-73218 or Beara Action Group @027-70880

Tickets selling fast so it’s advisable to book before the night.

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Gary Ferguson Kathy Barwick

Gary Ferguson & Kathy Barwick
Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Americana and more

Gary Ferguson & Kathy Barwick is an exciting new acoustic music duo that combines the talents of charismatic singer-songwriter Gary Ferguson and dazzling multi-instrumentalist Kathy Barwick. The team of Gary Ferguson & Kathy Barwick brings together two gifted musicians with decades of wide-ranging musical experience between them, gained from performing at big venues.

Saturday 13th July 2013 @ 9.00pm (Doors open at 8.30pm)
Tickets – €10.00 Available from –
Allihies Copper Mine Museum Office – 027-73218
Or Beara Action Group Office –027-70880

Tim Gouldings Exhibition – Archival Prints of Allihies in the 70’s and 80’s will open in the Old School House on the same evening at 6.30pm so come along to Allihies and enjoy the exhibition followed by an evening of Music in the Museum.

Gary Ferguson Kathy Barwick

Here is a youtube video of one of Gary’s tunes

More information about them can be found here

gary ferguson kathy barwick

gary ferguson kathy barwick

Summer Arts Week


The Allihies Language & Arts Centre announces the

2nd Allihies Summer Arts Week

From 14th to 19th June, with events each evening at 8pm.

The programme opens on Fri. 14th with poets Tony Curtis and Paula Meehan. On Sat. 15th there will be an evening with Eyeries poet Leanne O’Sullivan. On Sun. 16th “Arias in Allihies”, a musical evening with Welsh tenor Arwel Morgan and pianist Lada Valesova. On Mon. 17th Trish Caffrey, Leslie Clack & Martin Lewis perform Dear Conjunction’s reading of “Lewis Carroll Meets Edward Lear”, followed by “More Lives Than One – Oscar Wilde and the Black Douglas” by and with Leslie Clack. On Tues. 18th “Daughter of Gaia” written & performed by Chloe Dunn. This is the Hag of Beara’s seven lives in word and song, written specially for the Arts Week. The festival closes on Wed. 19th with Billy Griffin’s “Betrayal”.

There will be two visual arts displays throughout the festival: an open exhibition of work by Beara artists and an exhibition of paintings by guest artist Jeff Erikson. Beara artists are invited to bring in their work on Wed. June 12th.

Enquiries: or 027 73154


Allihies Connects, events for the gathering.

Emigration Road

Emigration Road – A theatre production about emigration in Ireland, performed by

Tegolin Knowland & Sean Coyne

Will be held in the Allihies Copper Mines Museum on Saturday the 1st of June @ 9pm sharp.

For further details or to book your tickets please contact the Mine Museum Office at 027-73218. Tickets also available from the Beara Action Group Office in Castletownbere – 027-70880.

More Info taken from emigration-road

” They are going! The Irish are going with a vengeance!!!”

Emigration Road is the third “dramatic recital for two voices” each devised and directed by Eamon Grennan, and performed by Tegolin Knowland and Sean Coyne.

Like the other two, the present piece is not a “play” as such (though with “play-like” elements), but a kind of audio collage by means of which the subject in question (life on Inis Meáin in the earlier 20th Century; the Great Irish Famine; and now “Emigration”) is explored from various angles. In each case, our hope is that something of the facts and something of the feelings attaching to each of these subjects will be communicated to the audience.

A common denominator in all three might be the idea of “home.” For the small, integrated island world of Inis Meáin offers an intense version of the notion of “home,” while the catastrophe we know as the Great Hunger surely brought about the destruction of the larger island of Ireland, exploding for so many the very notion of home. For the most part in this present “dramatic recital for two voices,” then,

we’re trying to represent something of the consequences of that explosion, that catastrophe. For emigration is, in so many ways, simply the enforced search for a new home, while so many of the emotions connected with it concern the nature of, the lamenting for, or even the relief to be away from at last, the old home and all it meant for those leaving and those left behind.

Since the world of emigration is so much more various than the world represented in Hunger or The Aran Islands, Emigration Road is less centered than its predecessors.

It wanders about historically and geographically in its references, while the voices brought to life by us can be of the present or the past, can be those of emigrants or can be contemporary with ourselves. And while Sean’s principle persona is that of a sort of country Everyman, someone who keeps you in touch with the common sense of the subject, Tegolin gives voice to a wider range of characters—Irish, English, and American–caught up, whether through song or speech, in it all.

It’s worth adding, too, in case something else is expected, that the emigration in question–after a more wide-ranging historical prologue–is emigration to the United States. As with the other pieces, though, the main intention is to convey something of the feelings that attach—probably for all of us—to that big word in our Irish life, “Emigration.”

emigration road

Allihies Connects, events for the gathering.

Berea Bluegrass All-Stars

The Berea Bluegrass All-Stars will be appearing in the Allihies Copper Mines Museum on the 15th of May at 8:30 as part of the run up to the Gathering events this year.

berea bluegrass

These guys are coming all the way from Kentucky U.S.A and are playing as part of a tour they are doing throughout Ireland.

Berea Bluegrass


Allihies Connects, events for the gathering.

A Cappella Choir

The Montana A Cappella choir performed a great set of tunes last night 1 may 2013 in the Allihies Mine Museum as part of the Allihies Connects Gathering events for 2013. We would like to thank them for a great evening.


Cappella Choir

Cappella Choir

beara attractions

Allihies Connects, events for the gathering.