The Gathering Ireland 2013, is a fantastic tourism-led initiative in Ireland, aiming to mobilise the Irish diaspora to return to Ireland during 2013 to be part of specially organised local gatherings, events and festivals to celebrate Irish culture, history and genealogy. The concept relies on grass roots initiatives of private individuals, and non-governmental organisations. The Gathering is not a single event but provides an umbrella framework for varied activities throughout 2013, from family reunions and clan gatherings to sports fixtures. It has been going full steam throughout 2013 and “The Gathering” organisation itself cherry pick certain events / festivals which they feel have outstanding significance and worthiness in making and keeping connections between Ireland and various destinations overseas and Allihies Connects is one of those events and it takes place from 12th – 15th Sept. There are 3 flagship events for “The Gathering” happening in the largest county in Ireland, Co Cork, and Allihies Connects is one of them!

Official Opening of Allihies Connects will be on Thurs 12th Sept by Frances Black at 7pm

gatheringFrances Black will be performing in the Community Hall in the Allihies Village at 9pm on the same evening

Cape Cornwall Singers

As one of our main events we have booked the Cape Cornwall Singers to perform.

Allihies has strong connections with Wales and Cornwall, as skilled miners moved here in the 1800’s to work in the Copper Mines.  When the mines closed most of the miners emigrated particulaly to Butte Montana, as well as Austrailia, Wales & Cornwall.  Visitors will have the chance to meet with professional Genealogists who we hope will be able to trace any roots they may have to the area.

For further information or to discuss our programme of events please don’t hesitate to contact our offices.

Allihies Gathering


Allihies on the Beara Peninsula


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